Hello! I'm Ian, a student at Tufts with the humorous and titular middle name Tunnington. And Matthew. That's the other one.

My goal for 2022 is simple: write more. Some of these posts will be good—fair reflections of whatever big idea I'm turning over in my head. Some will be garbage that I pump out to fill pages. But with no requirement for the quality of said posts, let's see how we do!

Oh, and if somehow people end up reading any of these and want to react to any of it, text me hello about it :))

Friends on the Internet 6.5.2022 Experiential Backlog 6.2.2022 Hidden Sports Fans 5.30.2022 Dreams 5.25.2022 The Best Mock Trial Advice Ever 5.23.2022 Zach Miller's Quote 5.23.2022 Mock Trial Year 1 5.21.2022 Best of Texting like Bennett 5.19.2022 Return Marge's Sweater Vest 5.17.2022 Advice is Bad Pt. 2 5.15.2022 Climbing is Different 3.9.2022 Garfield Summit Trip Report 3.5.2022 Thought Triage 3.3.2022 A Few Reflections on How This is Going 3.2.2022 Distances Work Differently On Foot 2.11.2022 Best of Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow 2.7.2022 Regionals 1-E Post Tournament Thoughts 2.6.2022 This Semester is Really Hard 2.2.2022 Best of Southern Showdown Post-Tournament Thoughts 1.30.2022 A Story in Receipts 1.27.2022 Thanks War Room 1.26.2022 Upperclassmen Friends 1.25.2022 Avoiding Loneliness 1.24.2022 Best of Who is Guy Fawkes? 1.23.2022 An Evidence Puzzle, Pt.2 1.22.2022 An Evidence Puzzle, Pt.1 1.21.2022 Running Is Easy but Starting Is Not 1.20.2022 Best of Stacy's Mom Has Got it Going On 1.19.2022 I Am Leaving Home Early 1.18.2022 Best of Ben Made This for Me 1.17.2022 Playin' Politics in Mock Trial 1.16.2022